Fremantle - Sacred Grove, Roundhouse, Arc d'ellipses - WTWW


As I was shooting the iconic Carousel, a man approached, and told me about an art installation in the High Street, consisting of apparently disconnected yellow paint lines which, when viewed from the Roundhouse, produced a fascinating effect.

Naturally intrigued, I proceeded up to the former gaol, and was delighted with the sight ahead of me, a series of circles stretching right down the street. Or were they right in front of me..? This amazing illusion was the work of Felice Varini, 'Arcs D'Ellipses', and was part of the Fremantle Festival. Simply put, I loved it :-)

as suggested by Katie Ruddin

I was tasked with photographing 'Sacred Grove' in Fremantle by a young couple who had recently been married in the location, and it was astonishing to think that in countless visits to the area, I was utterly unaware of the existence of such a magical spot. This was my favourite, which I've named 'Simply Sacred' - now available in the Fremantle collection.