Purrth Cat Cafe - WTWW

It's been a while since I visited the furry dollops of cuteness that are the residents of the Cat Cafe Purrth, so, as we had a small gift we had prepared for the owners (plus we were exhausted from preparing for our rent inspection tomorrow) we thought this was an ideal time to drop in on the permanent residents.


As we arrived, it was clear that Major Tom, Pumba, Ziggy Stardust, and Rey hadn't quite finished naptime, and we humans could just damn well like it ;-) That's fine with me, as I find stroking a sleeping cat to be extremely relaxing.

Rolo was living up to her name, rolling about on top of one of the rest areas, whilst Raksha kept a close eye on all happenings, her fluffy tail swishing softly.


It was an entirely different story for Albus Dumbledore (the incumbent tripod), Mowgli, and Mr Fox, however, who were bounding about the place and having a rare old time. When Ren launched herself to the top of the catcus, and Jellicle dragged herself enthusiastically along the sofa towards us, it was obvious they too were in a playful mood!


But the highlight of the night came towards the end of our session, when I dropped to all fours to greet Sparky, and received a most unexpected (but extremely welcome) reaction, as she began to groom my forehead and nose. Even through my laughter she continued, her rough little tongue doing a fabulous job of exfoliation for me; I have a wonderfully smooth forehead now ;-)


All of the fun-stuff aside, the cats housed here are all Rescue cats, having been surrendered or abandoned for a variety of reasons - some of their stories are sadder than others, but they all have a fabulous life together now with their extended families and their mum and dad, Terps and Chris. The Cat Cafe Purrth does a fantastic job in working alongside the Cat Haven to raise funds, and to help other animals who may not be so fortunate as those housed here.


Do yourself a favour, and help to support Cat Haven at the same time - book some kittytime at www.purrth.com (you can even book the whole hour exclusively for yourself and up to 11 guests!) - you really won't regret it!