Artwork by Lunaqwa forms the culmination of an idea, and represents our love for nature (particularly the ocean and the sky) when showcased at their Natural best. 

It seemed appropriate to add the WA reference, as the vast majority of our images were taken since moving to this beautiful region we are privileged to call home.

Our aim is to provide the 'true' picture, without any specialist equipment, filters, or photoshop, so aside from zooming in, or straightening the image, then what you see onscreen is what we saw through the lens, or on our phone, at the time the shot was taken*. 

It's Art as Nature Intended.

Above: Most recent @Lunaqwa Instagram Posts

Right: A short video showcasing a few of our images  

*The few exceptions to this rule are tagged as the 'UnNatural Selection', where for some reason the shot is not as we remember it, or worse, is decidedly ordinary. We like to think that the amendments we make are obvious enough that they won't be mistaken for reality, so hopefully Mother Nature will forgive us.

All photographs used on the site are our own, taken in a 'point and click' methodology, with nothing more hi-tech than either a bog-standard hand-held digital camera, or a variety of iPhones.

We hope you like our work,

Beverley & James Whitehouse

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