Welcome to Artwork by Lunaqwa - Natural Photography.

The works within this Site form the culmination of an idea borne on Ibiza way back in the Nineties.

All photographs are our own, and represent our love for Nature when showcased at its Natural Best; to this end the images have not been edited or PhotoShopped (except UnNatural Selection) beyond zooming or straightening the shot.

Broome, to Esperance, Rottnest to York, from our base here in Burswood we offer a wide selection of landscape photos from all around this fabulous region - see the full Gallery HERE

 Above: A short video showcasing a few of our images  

Below: Recent Instagram Feed - follow us at @Lunaqwa

Our aim is to provide the 'true' picture so that what you see onscreen is what we saw through the lens, or on our phone, at the time the shot was taken*. 

It's Art as Nature Intended.




as we keep things simple, we don't take frequent questions, but here are a couple of those that come up from time to time...

Q - Why Lunaqwa?

A - Simply, it was from the Spanish, Luna for the Moon and Aqua for Water - as I looked out over the sea I said the words together, and they merged into one.

Q - You say your pictures are Natural, but you must use Specialist Equipment (Filters, lenses etc)?

A - Actually I don't. All of the images you see here have been taken with either a standard compact camera (I'm currently using a Nikon Coolpix A900, but previously used Sony Cybershot WX350 and Samsung WB650) or my iPhone (currently SE)

Q - What in the world is the UnNatural Selection?

A - Occasionally I take a photo that I love at the time, but when I check it onscreen it isn't quite 'right', however I hate deleting pictures, particularly if there's been a reason for taking the shot (eg the tree in 'Yallingup') so I attempt to make them a little more interesting. I like to think that the amendments are obvious enough that they won't be mistaken for reality, and the pics are clearly indicated as UnNatural, so hopefully Mother Nature will forgive me.

Q - Why do you spell the aqua part of Lunaqwa with a W?

A - I've had the word 'Lunaqua' saved on my computer for years, but it wasn't until we moved to Australia that I had the opportunity to finally start the business, and as the vast majority of the shots are from this incredible State we're privileged to call home, it seemed appropriate to adjust the name to include WA