Framed and Mounted Photo Prints


Framed and Mounted Photo Prints

from 5.00

Hand-mounted photograph framed as per selection, for Collection locally either at Market or Perth CBD - Choose Frame and Quantity from Drop-Down Menu, then select Images on Form provided - MAX 3 Images Per Form!

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LIGHTWEIGHT from $5 - BLACK or WHITE - plastic frame with perspex front, ideal for onposting, or choose DEL option for delivery Australiawide. REF LW 
STANDARD from $10 - BLACK or WHITE - Painted Timber Frame with Glass Front. REF STD
PREMIUM from $15 - Variable according to availability - TIMBER-COLOUR Finish (usually Oak)  ACRYLIC , GLITTER filled, or Recessed WHITE in current range. 


SMALL - 7.5x10cm (3"x4") print in 10x15cm (4"x6") Frame
MEDIUM - 10x15cm (4"x6") print in 13x18cm (5"x7') Frame
LARGE - 12.5x17.5cm (5"x7") print in 20x25cm (8"x10" Frame) EXCEPT LW where 29x43cm (12"x17") POSTER is placed into 40x50cm (16"x20") Frame

NB - some images will fit certain sizes and shapes better than others (eg Pano prints are not recommended for rectangle frames!) - we will endeavour to fit your image (or the most appropriate part of it) to your selected Frame, and send mock up for approval.